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​​​CALL LINDA 213-999-9845


Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Vet Referred.​

Patti N.

Linda is THE BEST! A true "animal whisperer"... loving, dedicated, informed, professional and sweet. Everything you want in a pet care person. She also is an AMAZING reiki/energy worker! She has done wonders for my pup Dora AND me! I highly recommend her!

Scott C.
Never seen a person more passionate towards animals.. From the previous reviewer, I would agree she is an animal whisperer.. She puts them all to ease, and its like she communicates DIRECTLY with them.. Its pretty cool.. Her love and her passion on how she cares and treats animals is truly inspiring..

Gregory R.
In 2010, I had a situation where my kitty Domino suffered an injury to her back from leaping from the top of her cat tree to the floor. I had taken her to my veterinarian and the x-rays did not show any breaks yet she was dragging her hind legs like she was paralyzed, the vet indicated that it may be a month or more before any improvement or degradation shows. Well after 48 hours I was really wanting to take action and I already knew Linda as a friend and that she did Reiki, but did not know much about Reiki or if it had any merit, I was desperate to help Domino and asked Linda if she would try the Reiki not expecting much. Linda came over and picked up Domino and held her for a while then began the Reiki session. I was not sure what to make of it as I really did not understand. After the session Linda placed Domino in her cat bed and told me that it's not like a miracle with immediate results, etc. Linda left and Domino remained in her bed but later that night she showed interest in food which for 2 nights she had not, this was encouraging. The next day I went to work but arranged to come home mid day to take care of Domino as you can imagine a kitty with partial paralysis needs vigilant looking after and I had already taxed the help of my neighbor too much. So when I you home from work Domino was sitting on top of the couch and ran to greet me at the door like she was never hurt to begin with, I burst into tears of joy and ran her back down to my vet to him and he said that he did not want to upset me before but he thought there was a good possibility the domino may never regain the ability to walk and was going to have me do an MRI to see what was going on, he then stated that he was amazed that she was walking at all after only three days. I told him about the Reiki to which he said that he did not put much faith in that type of treatment, but may have to rethink his views on that. I told him that I had really no understanding of it before, but Linda's work on domino made a believer out of me. I then called Linda to tell her the great news and before I could even get a word out she said and I quote "dominoes walking isn't she" I was stunned into silence and after composing myself said "maybe you need to add pet psychic to one of your abilities" I know this is a long review, but with Linda did took away my angst and sadness and help my kitty to recover from an injury that may have been permanent for all I knew, so I say thank you Linda from You and Your Pets Best Friend, I am very grateful. I have a couple of other kitties and I love them dearly so when I found out there was an apartment in the neighborhood in which Linda lived I moved there in 2011 selfishly for my own cats in case anything ever happens again, thankfully everything's been okay, Domino is doing quite well and I run into other people in the neighborhood who have utilize Linda's Reiki talents and I've had wonderful help from her with their pets to including a man I met who's dog had terminal cancer but Linda's sessions with that dog help to ease some of the pain suffering that comes with cancer. I only wish I could give a 10 star review. She is not a veterinarian, but what she did for the price was way more then I could have expected.

Ronda P.
Linda is a wonderful caregiver to my often feisty 20 year old cat, Smokey.  She sends videos and great email updates while I'm gone and I come home to a happy cat!  I've known her now for a couple of years and she is friendly and helpful--offering good advice when I've needed it.  She is a big part of my happiness while I'm away. 

Erica G.

 Linda is the most caring and giving person toward you and most importantly your pet... I went out of town for two weeks and she took care of my cat and every night I'd receive a text with a short video showing my cat and how she was doing... by the end of the two weeks my cat was rolling over and I could hear her purring in the videos, my kitty was so happy... Those simple videos put my mind and heart at ease and truly made it clear that my cat was in great caring hands! Linda is the best!

Roma M.
Linda is a best kept secret that promises to no longer be a secret. Linda's love for animals is tangible, you feel it as soon as your meet her. Linda is very intuitive and can zoom right into what might be ailing or causing discomfort to your pet. Linda's Reiki treatments are such a healing experience for both you and your pet.
Hope I can still get an appointment with her now that the secret is out.

John Grimball 
Linda has been taking care of my four legged family members for four years now. She lovingly cared for my golden/lab mix Maude until she reached the ripe old age of sixteen. Those final days were not always pretty, but Linda did everything she could to keep Maude comfortable and tended to with affection. I have seen her lovingly tend to her own animals, not only when they are healthy, but nursing them back from sickness to give them longer and happier lives than anyone expected. A year after I lost Maude, I brought my yellow lab Annie home, weighing in at a whopping 109 pounds. Annie requires long walks and exercise as we try to get some of this excess weight off. Linda is dutiful, helping me in my efforts. Not only is Linda there for me and Annie during the work week, when I cannot get home, but she is there for me when I have to leave town, making sure Annie is tended to morning, noon and night. I know Annie will be healthy and happy when I arrive home (though I selfishly hope she still missed her dad). Linda is passionate about the work she does and the care she gives. If you have been looking for someone to care for your pet(s), you have to look no further.

Donna Radice Cipriano 
I just have to tell you, it's not an easy task to find someone to watch your seahorses believe me. Even pet store's don't have a clue when it come's to exotic's like these, but when I met Linda at a Wildlife meeting in our neighborhood it was my lucky day for sure, Not only is she knowledgeable about seahorses, she's excellent with them, and her rate's are not going to send you to the poor house. That was another one of my concerns and she was very reasonable and very caring about the animals. When we planned a vacation kind of last minute I was worried she wouldn't be able to do it, but she was available and was able to come over the day before we left. She was confident, and didn't even have to call us once...Bless you Linda, you are my go to girl for now on. I never have to feel stuck again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you get lots of people from my recommendation, but not too many so you don't have a spot for me when I need you...thanks again sweetie, Great job, well done!

Terilynn Mitchell 
I will confess I put Linda through the paces with my assortment of gimps and geezer cats. Linda never batted an eye - well, almost never - and she gave the added bonus of Reiki to some of the less fortunate. I so miss her now that I'm in Northern California.