Daily visits (1 or 2 cats) $25*
Leash walking $25*
Each additional cat $3*
$5 added to visits on weekends*
$7 added to visits after 8pm*
$10 added to holidays*
Add $12* for visits scheduled with less than 12 hrs. notice.



What Do We Do for Your Kitty
Consists of a 30 minute visit which includes, cat box cleaning, giving fresh food and water, and as much love as the kitties will allow us to give. We will also retrieve your mail and newspapers, water plants, open and close curtains, turn on and off lights, or whatever you may need us to do to make your home looked lived in.

Is Kitty the Outdoor Type?
We prefer that all cats in our care are indoor cats at least during the time of our pet sitting ,excluding feral cats or outdoor cats that spend 100% of their time outdoors. We cannot be held liable for anything that happens to a cat while it is outdoors. For this reason, we prefer that the cats stay indoors during our care so that we can keep an eye on them. Other exceptions are cats that are trained to walk outside on a harness and leash..


Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Vet Referred.​

 $75 Reiki (approx 30 minutes).*
 $28 Sub Q Fluids.*
 $30 Sub Q Fluids Training.*
 $28 Insulin.*
 $28 Administration of Medication.*
 $45 Remote Reiki.*

Mileage fees may apply.*All prices are subject to change without notice.

CALL LINDA 213-999-9845

​​​CALL LINDA 213-999-9845

 Our cancellation charge is 25% of the assignment when services are cancelled within less than 48 hours of assignment starting date. Or give a minimum of 24 hours notice to receive credit against future walks or visits. Credit against future visits may be given, at the discretion of “You and Your Pet’s Best Friend”.  A fee of $25 will be added to all services cancelled within 8 hours of assignment. A fee of $35 will apply to all returned checks. Client is responsible for all costs of collection. During holiday periods, a cancellation fee equal to a minimum of 2 visits will be charged for all Holiday cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled start time, regardless of the length of the assignment.
*All prices are subject to change without notice.